We’re pleased to announce a new all-singing, all-dancing marking scheme which allows you to create a bespoke set of values which you can then use to track progress. Below is an example of how we have used this new marking scheme to track progress over time in KSBs.

The versatility of the mark book means you will be Ofsted-ready every day in knowing the starting points and progress made for every student in relation to their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The customised mark book example below records students’ starting points of defined KSBs and then progressive grading throughout their course.  Final end grades can be recorded independently of the course grading.


Click on image below to view enlarged version in a new window

The flexibility of the new marking schemes will allow you to measure distance travelled in any way you wish, including fine grading.

The new functionality will support progress and final course grading for:

  • T-Levels
  • Higher Education
  • New externally assessed BTECs
  • GCSEs / A-Levels
  • ESOL
  • Adult Community Learning (RARPA)