Exciting new reporting plugin for eTrackr-ILP: eXporter

eTrackr-ILP educational software brings together all the information about the learner journey into one central hub. It provides a one-stop shop for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing performance against targets whilst supporting the Headline Performance...

How can we help support our students with mental health issues?

According to the World Health Organisation, 20% of adolescents could experience mental health issues in any given year and yet 70% have not had appropriate interventions quickly enough1.  Although it is becoming more common to hear of celebrities and high-profile...

Does it matter if you deliver ‘unreformed’ qualifications?

News Release 19th February 2019 Does it matter if you deliver ‘unreformed’ qualifications? Many FE Colleges are continuing to deliver Level-3 qualifications that fall outside of the DfE Headline Measures – those that the DfE classify as being ‘unreformed’. But so...

ATLAS Software gets fresh new look

VLE Support Ltd are delighted to announce a new name for their ATLAS learning support management tool. ATLAS will now be called eSpirALS. The new name marks a new chapter in the product’s story and will see eSpirALS sit alongside its ‘sister’ products at VLE –...

eTrackr-ILP MD to become LSEC Governor

Mark Trinick, Managing Director of VLE Support Ltd, the company behind eTrackr-ILP, eSpirALS, eNotify and eConsole educational software, will be joining the Board of Governors of the London South East College Group. Mark has previously been both a student and a member...

A great start to events season

The start of the autumn term heralds the start of the ‘events season’ for us.  (And we love to get out to events and conferences because it’s a great opportunity to meet some of our hardworking clients!)  October saw us jumping in with both feet and attending two such...

What our Customers Say

“eTrackr-ilp has empowered managers by completely revolutionising the tracking of student progress at Redbridge College. This has enabled us to quickly identify “At-Risk” learners, provide timely support and set SMART targets to get them back on track.”

New City College


What our Customers Say

“With a tight schedule for an institution wide implementation, I have found the support we have received so far to be excellent. Alongside the responsive support, we have also found the proactive approach of the trainer and the eTrackrilp implementation team has really helped ensure a smooth launch. Their wealth of experience implementing the eTrackrilp system across the sector has enabled us to draw from a range of approaches to solving issues that arose during the implementation phase of the project. Their inherent understanding of FE and how eTrackrilp can be suitably applied within FE continues to inform its application at North Kent College and support our journey towards outstanding.

Steve Humphries, Learning Technologies Manager, North Kent College


What our Customers Say

“Epping Forest College deployed eTrackrilp cross-college in September 2011. Our aim was to enhance learning, teaching and assessment by centralising our student performance data for the benefit of all its users. We believe eTrackrilp has been an important element in improving our student retention data to 93.7% (4% above NA) and our success rate to 88% (5% above NA) in 2012-13. Epping Forest College highly recommends the use of eTrackrilp to drive student performance monitoring in Further Education.”

Epping Forest College


What our Customers Say

“Tutors investing time in eTrackrilp has acted as an early warning signal to identify learners at risk of not achieving their qualifications…and facilitates early interventions.”

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College


What our Customers Say

“Reviews with students have improved and are now owned by both staff and students in meeting targets set, which is helping students to achieve.”

Denise Exley, Head of Student Services, Lakes College


What our Customers Say

“At Haringey 6th Form College, we have been really impressed with the levels of support we have received in terms of training, setup and installation. We are delighted to be working with eTrackr-ilp and being able to streamline our student records and quality systems with the introduction of this fantastic new system”.

Lisa Westray – Haringey Sixth Form College


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