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Student Performance Management & eILP

Leading with an incredible range of functionality

An innovative Learning Support management solution 

Our web-based system for planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support

A pioneering new web-based dashboard system that collates data from existing sources

Non-technical users create their own personalised charts…in a matter of minutes!

An easy-to-use web based system which collates all of your student absence data on one convenient dashboard.

eNotify enables you to efficiently monitor and follow up absences and also to analyse statistics and trends

Helps manage your apprenticeship vacancies and applications

automatically calculates the negotiated rate and OTJ hours and features an inbuilt document signature functionality.

Outstanding Support, Supporting You to Outstanding!

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company, who specialise in developing and supporting computer software for educational establishments, particularly for Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges across the UK.  Everything is designed and built in-house with great care utilising our experienced team of educationalists.

5 reasons to choose us.....

  • We are a dynamic and forward thinking company
  • Our staff understand the student environment
  • Our specialists are the best in software development
  • We produce innovative products with unique functionality
  • We provide support to help you move to OUTSTANDING

Our Products

Tracking and Performance Measuring – Providing a comprehensive suite of tools to track and monitor the learner journey

eTrackr-ilp brings together all the information into one central hub, it provides a one-stop shop for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing performance against targets whilst supporting the Five Headline Performance Measures

The support journey starts here.

eSpirALS is our web-based system for planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support. Whether you support 5 or 5000 students, eSpirALS provides an holistic approach to managing additional support and enhances the way in which information is recorded and shared.

When used with eTrackrilp both systems connect enabling the sharing of Action Plans and ALS Notes with eTrackrilp.

A pioneering new web-based dashboard system that collates data from existing sources

Non-technical users create their own personalised charts…in a matter of minutes!

It is installed fully connected to and importing from the college data sources.

Mobile App for parents and students to notify the school or college of absence – Safeguarding is at its heart!

Links to a web based dashboard for the school or college to analyse statistics and trends.

A system that manages apprenticeship vacancies, applications and onboarding.
It calculates funding and OTJ hours and also features electronic signature functionality

Our Partners

Skills Forward were the first company to introduce an online Functional Skills package in the UK. Since then they have successfully delivered millions of assessments and have continued to evolve and innovate with a range of industry-leading products.

SkillsBuilder is their unique suite of initial and diagnostic assessments in English, maths, ICT and ESOL, along with ground-breaking video resources in Functional Skills and GCSE.

bksb is the leading product in the UK for delivering and tracking Key and Functional Skills. bksb provides initial and diagnostic assessment tools in English, maths and ICT and delivers a range of e-learning resources to support the development of these skills.

Using integrated data from bksb, students can see their progress in English and maths within eTrackr-ilp and compare this to their academic progress on other courses. Both students and staff benefit from having all this information in one place.

Collab Group Partner and preferred supplier

We understand the pressure to succeed in the classroom

The success of our products comes from our own experience in the teaching environment.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company, who specialise in developing and supporting computer software for educational institutes, particularly for Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges. We originally started by developing and supporting Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) but we are now best known for our innovative eILP product, eTrackr-ilp. The software is centred around the learner journey, and provides a central point for the tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing of student performance. It is web-based giving it the advantage of being accessible from anywhere. eTrackr-ilp has been featured on the Excellence Gateway and in the Times Educational Supplement.

eConsole is our live and interactive data dashboard, which can either integrate with data from eTrackr-ilp, or stand alone and integrate with data from other systems.

eNotify is a brand new product and mobile phone application, which will revolutionise the way student absence information is reported and shared with staff.

We listen to our customers, and use their feedback to continually improve and refine our software. We strive to support teachers and managers to improve their learners’ journeys not only through our specialist software, but also through our training, consultancy and ongoing support.

What our Customers Say - New City College

“eTrackr-ilp has empowered managers by completely revolutionising the tracking of student progress at Redbridge College. This has enabled us to quickly identify “At-Risk” learners, provide timely support and set SMART targets to get them back on track.”

New City College


What our Customers Say - North Kent

“With a tight schedule for an institution wide implementation, I have found the support we have received so far to be excellent. Alongside the responsive support, we have also found the proactive approach of the trainer and the eTrackrilp implementation team has really helped ensure a smooth launch. Their wealth of experience implementing the eTrackrilp system across the sector has enabled us to draw from a range of approaches to solving issues that arose during the implementation phase of the project. Their inherent understanding of FE and how eTrackrilp can be suitably applied within FE continues to inform its application at North Kent College and support our journey towards outstanding. Steve Humphries, Assistant Principal, Learning Experience, North Kent College  

What our Customers Say - Epping Forest

“Epping Forest College deployed eTrackrilp cross-college in September 2011. Our aim was to enhance learning, teaching and assessment by centralising our student performance data for the benefit of all its users. We believe eTrackrilp has been an important element in improving our student retention data to 93.7% (4% above NA) and our success rate to 88% (5% above NA) in 2012-13. Epping Forest College highly recommends the use of eTrackrilp to drive student performance monitoring in Further Education.” Epping Forest College  

What our Customers Say - Greater Brighton Met

“Tutors investing time in eTrackrilp has acted as an early warning signal to identify learners at risk of not achieving their qualifications…and facilitates early interventions.” Greater Brighton Metropolitan College  

What our Customers Say - Lakes

“Reviews with students have improved and are now owned by both staff and students in meeting targets set, which is helping students to achieve.” Denise Exley, Head of Student Services, Lakes College  

What our Customers Say - Haringey 6th Form

“At Haringey 6th Form College, we have been really impressed with the levels of support we have received in terms of training, setup and installation. We are delighted to be working with eTrackr-ilp and being able to streamline our student records and quality systems with the introduction of this fantastic new system”. Lisa Westray – Haringey Sixth Form College  

“There’s a lot to like about eTrackr-ILP…If any college was considering buying eTrackr-ILP, I’d say go for it!”

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Anneli Smart

Lead for Quality Assurance and Improvement, Isle of Wight College

“The eTrackr-ILP Team are responsive…We know we can rely on them and we really appreciate that.”

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Karen Wilson & Mark Birschel

Deputy Principal & Quality Manager, Lakes College

“As a management tool, the reporting functions in eTrackr-ILP are incredibly powerful.”


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Phil Hall

Deputy Principal, New City College - Epping Forest Campus

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