A web-based notification system with a mobile app, to enable students to tell the college they are unwell or not in college for another reason.  The system automatically and immediately notifies relevant staff of the student’s absence, and also keeps detailed statistics to identify patterns, put in place support measures and address safeguarding concerns.

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eNotify has a great range of features to enable you to keep on top of student attendance issues and any safeguarding concerns. 

All of our products are web-based and connect to all education sector based MIS database products on the market. They pull data automatically, remain synchronised and have a collection of APIs for customers to use.  User authentication uses the customer ADFS, OpenID Connect or LDAP service.

AWON (Absence WithOut Notification)

AWON links to the live register system showing absent students who have not notified the college.


The notification screen lists all the notifications that have been received on a selected date.


Send preset SMS messages directly from the AWON screen to one, a few, or all learners in the list.


eNotify collates statistics about the notifications and displays them in a live dashboard, enabling the analysis of notification types and trends.

Mobile App

A mobile app enables students to notify the college at the push of a button

Filters and Reporting

Various new filters and an updated reporting screen with sortable columns and search facility enable you to find information with ease.


AWON (Absence WithOut Notification) is an in-built feature of eNotify that automatically interrogates live registers to identify and display students who are absent but have not notified the college.  It identifies students within the first 10 minutes of each lesson, enabling Safeguarding Officers to make follow up phone calls straight away. 


The in-built dashboard automatically collates all the data from the received notifications. You can easily analyse overall trends and identify those students who are absent most often, facilitating early interventions. 


A detailed notification screen lists all the notifications that have been received on a selected date. It ensures teaching staff know who will be absent, late or leaving early at the beginning of their lessons. You can apply filters, add notes and view more detailed information. A search box enables you to search the list for a specific student.

Mobile App

Immediate and Live Information

The easy-to-use mobile phone application allows students to notify the college at the push of a button. Staff see the information immediately via web-based software.

SMS messages on AWON screen

A preset SMS message can now be sent directly from the AWON screen, allowing you to follow up on any learner in the list. If you’re also an eTrackr customer, the message will appear on the student’s eTrackr page.

Filters & Reporting

With a new reporting grid featuring sortable columns and search function, it’s never been easier to find the absence information you need. As well as searching for a particular student, you are now able to search using other keywords such as ‘Covid’ to display all notifications featuring that word, or by using a staff member’s name to find all notifications raised by them.

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