The eNotify app is perfect to support your absence management strategy – let us explain why.

Our latest cohorts are likely to belong to generation Z, the post-millennial generation.  This is a generation of digital natives who never knew a world without Google and grew up holding a smartphone and taking selfies. In fact, 95% of teens report they have a smartphone or access to one. This element of Generation Z statistics is a 22% increase over the 73% of teens who stated this in 2014/15. (PewResearch)

So, it’s not a huge leap of understanding to realise that our learners prefer to advise their absence, or details of running late through a mobile app.  And, if they prefer it, they are more likely to do it. What is more remarkable is the quality of information these learners are willing to share when advising of absence through the app as opposed to a phone call or leaving a message.  This quality of information allows the tutors a deeper understanding of why the learner may be continually late or absent coupled with a detailed report of the various reasons and the appropriate response to help that learner to get back on track.

Some examples of the types of messages sent through eNotify include:

  • “Struggling with insomnia”
  • “this is just for future reference: my depression is starting to get really bad and i’ve broke down a lot today, my recovery will take a long time” Sent at 4.50am.
  • “Had a panic attack on the way to the bus stop so going to work from home”
  • “Going to hospital for a procedure and have to self isolate for a week first so can’t come in”
  • “Isolating while I’m waiting for PCR test results”
  • “Stayed up late with my family celebrating my birthday so will be in late”
  • “Hungover”
  • “Collecting lanyard”
  • “Awkward train times”
  • “Can’t afford to come to college”
  • “Fell off bike and broke both arms”
  • “My daughter is poorly so I can’t come in”
  • “Massive argument with mum so will be late”

All these reasons will prompt a different conversation with the learner and in some cases raise welfare and safeguarding concerns.

The other side of gathering this detail of information is that their Granny can only die so many times when you have a full history of the learner notifications in front of you!

The absence notification messages are sent instantly to any member of staff or employer (if an apprentice) associated with the learner.  Our training providers who are using eNotify report that the time spent in administration, taking telephone calls, and passing on messages can now be spent positively in supporting learners back to learning, making their role much more effective.

Richard Brooks, Business Development Manager at East Surrey College said:

“eNotify enables staff to receive information directly from learners and it encourages learners to take responsibility for their own attendance and learning.  Curriculum Administrators have reported that this process has supported the management of their workload, saved time in listening to answerphone messages and sending out e-mails to the relevant staff. The system is quick and easy to use and has improved absence reporting processes.”

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