eSignUp, our flag ship apprenticeship enrolment system provides an efficient solution to the complex funding rules and individualisation required to onboard all apprentices. It also has a professionalised approach for employers and apprentices to electronically sign and retain all documentation. You’ll be audit ready every day.

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“eSignUp has paved the way to a simplified and time efficient process for both North Kent College and our employers to recruit and onboard our new apprentices. The training and support given by the eSignUp team has been first class and I would highly recommend the use of the eSignUp platform to any Apprenticeship Training Provider”.

Hope West

Head of Apprenticeships, North Kent College


eSignUp contains a wealth of features to speed up the recruitment of apprentices, meeting Ofsted’s expectations of individualised training plans and the latest ESFA funding rules.

All of our products are web-based and connect to all education sector based MIS database products on the market. They pull data automatically, remain synchronised and have a collection of APIs for customers to use.  User authentication uses the customer ADFS, OpenID Connect or LDAP service.


Know exactly who has signed up and who is in the pipeline…


Easily track who has signed what and when                                                            .

Vacancies & Applications

Match high quality candidates from your talent bank into available vacancies                                                                                                   .

Standardised Calculations

Following initial assessment activity, let technology make those difficult calculations including percentage of prior learning, OTJ training, programme duration and negotiated rate.

Adjust the Training Plan

Automatically generate the plan of training, apprenticeship agreement and all other paperwork required for the apprenticeship evidence pack.

Signed Up Evidence Packs

Everything signed up, ready and waiting for an auditor or Ofsted.

Electronic Signatures

Signing electronically is easy and quick using a mouse, touch pad, phone, or device.

Skills Scans

Complete sector specific skills scans to accurately identify the apprentice’s baseline and any recognition of prior learning (RPL)                                                                       .

Employer Partnerships

Define clear expectations and responsibilities on how each of you will work together to achieve full occupational competence for the apprentice.                                                          .

Data Export & Import

All data can be imported or exported to allow integration into management information systems (MIS), ePortfolios and CRMs.



Know exactly who has signed up, and who is in the pipeline, so that you can accurately forecast if you will hit target and identify the pinch points for recruitment. The dashboard drills down to individual recruitments and can be filtered by apprenticeship standards or staff member, providing all the data you need for management information.

Signed Up Evidence Packs

Everything is in one place in the SignedUp tab, so you are never caught out searching for signatures or missing information when Ofsted or the auditor calls. The big ticks show the documentation fully signed; different coloured key represents exactly who has signed it.


Send out initial and reminder emails to employer, apprentice, and main provider staff with one click. Easily available information shows who needs to sign off which electronic paperwork and follow up.

Electronic Signatures

Every employer, apprentice and provider staff member have a document management portal, to view, download and electronically sign documents using a mouse or touchpad. Individual and bulk signing capability is available.

Vacancies and Applications

Provide a professional recruitment service to your employers by offering a talent bank of high calibre students and candidates. Identify the right candidate at the right time easily matching their skills to the job. Account Managers can spec the best candidates to employers speeding up the recruitment and matching service.

Skills Scans

Complete standardised skills scans using the published apprenticeship standards knowledge, skills, and behaviours as part of the vocational initial assessment. Liaise with the employer, by sending a copy electronically for approval and comment if they’re not available at the meeting. Customise your apprentices’ individual training plans in response to skills already acquired.

Standardised Calculations

The percentage of prior learning calculates the off-the-job hours and total training hours, including Maths and English and programme duration allowing the training plan to be adjusted accurately in relation to the RPL. The price of each apprenticeship is accurately calculated considering the apprentices’ prior knowledge, skills, age, employer size and funding status.

Employer Partnerships

Easily create an individual learning plan for each apprentice with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the apprentices’ training. Develop a productive partnership approach to training with your employers. Your apprentice and employer agree the amount of training hours they are committing to from day 1, supporting the apprentice to have an early, positive impact on the business.

Adjust the training plans up to 42 days after start date

For longer training programmes, planned individual content may require adjustment following a longer period of assessment.

Track training plan adjustments and retain all versions in the downloaded document pack.

Data Export & Import

Export all the data generated in eSignUp into your management information systems, ePortfolio and CRM by generating XML files, candidate CSV file or use the API from the application. Not only will you save precious administration time, but the accuracy of information is improved.

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South Hampshire College Group (Eastleigh College) Case Study

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