A timetable viewer built into eSuite to enable students and staff to view relevant timetables.  You can even synchronise your device’s calendar with it, so it always shows the latest version.

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eTimetable enables users to view their timetable easily and quickly, using their PC or mobile device.  Students and staff have access, with staff being able to find the timetables of their colleagues, students, groups, rooms and exams.  eTimetable also connects to a mobile device’s calendar to remain synchronised automatically if the timetable changes.

All of our products are web-based and connect to all education sector based MIS database products on the market. They pull data automatically, remain synchronised and have a collection of APIs for customers to use.  User authentication uses the customer ADFS, OpenID Connect or LDAP service.

Search for Different Timetables

eTimetable provides a comprehensive searching mechanism that enables the users to search for a timetable by room, group, student or course. All timetable events can be easily found.



Live and Connected

It is connected to the live timetable system and remains live and synchronised.  Should there be any changes to the timetable, eTimetable shall follow those changes instantly.

Search for Timetables

Any member of staff, with access to eTimetable, is able to search for the timetable of a student, another member of staff, a group, a room and exam timetables.  All timetables are live and will remain synchronised with the latest version.

Live and Connected

Because eTimetable is connected to the timetabling system, whenever there is a change to the timetable, it will follow those changes immediately.

In addition, if the user has linked eTimetable to the calendar of their PC or mobile device, all the changes will cascade through to those automatically too.

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