Here at VLE Support Ltd we love listening to feedback from our customers and the latest version of eNotify now includes some of the features you have suggested, plus more!

The first thing you will notice when logging into the new version is that eNotify now runs full screen, improving the look and feel of the system and the home page now features a search box enabling you to search with ease for notifications relating to a specific student:

New search box on home page – click to enlarge in new tab


The AWON screen has undergone the biggest update and is now packed with new features to help you find the information you need in respect of those learners who are absent but have not notified the college as to the reason for their absence. Firstly, the system now allows some general filters, which are defined in the data views. You may wish to identify different campuses or lessons such as Maths and English and, when applied, only these particular AWON entries are displayed:

New general filter on AWON page – click to enlarge in new tab


Another helpful feature now appearing on the AWON screen is the ‘session time’ filter which relates to the start times of any sessions where any students are AWON:

Session time filter – click to enlarge in new tab


Also new for AWON – a search function enabling to you to search for a specific student or session title:

Student or session search box on AWON page – click to enlarge in new tab


By popular demand, we have now included the ability to send out a preset SMS message, on the current day, to any or all students directly from the AWON list. Once the SMS has been sent, this is flagged in the final column on the AWON screen and for our eTrackr customers, the message will also appear on the student’s eTrackr page.

SMS messaging direct from AWON page – click to enlarge in new tab


Whilst most of the new features are available as standard, the SMS feature is available for a small setup charge plus the cost of text credits – please contact us for further information. If SMS is not activated then the ‘Send SMS’ button will not appear.


Our refreshed Reporting screen makes it easier to filter out the absence information you need. As well as the report on notifications, it now also allows you see who has received SMS messages and who sent them.

New notification and SMS filter on reports page – click to enlarge in new tab


Reports now appear directly on the screen in a neat grid format with sortable columns. The new grid also features a search box allowing you to find information by key words eg. a staff member’s name or maybe the word ‘Covid’ for all related notifications.

New report grid with search box – click to enlarge in new tab


If you are already an eNotify customer, we are sure that you’re going to love all the new features we have introduced and you should all notice these changes straight away. Don’t forget, the SMS feature is an optional extra so please email  for more info if you’d like us to active this for you. If you aren’t yet an eNotify user and you would like to see more, please email us at and we will be happy to set up an online demonstration!