Providing learning support to apprentices increases participation, retention, and achievement. Effectively managing those learning support needs can be a challenge, probably increased through lockdown.  Some apprentices may have developed additional social support needs exacerbated in some cases by poor mental health.

Hosted by E-Memoir ( in association with eSpirALS (, this complimentary webinar will provide participants with an opportunity to consider improving outcomes through an effective learning support strategy.

Presented by VLE’s Holly Newton, Carol Smith and leading FE figure, Beej Kaczmarczyk, the webinar will look at practical ways to:

  • Identify declared and hidden learning support needs throughout the apprentice journey
  • Improve apprentices’ outcomes by managing the assessment, planning and delivery of learning support
  • Ensure effective resources are in place focussing on funding claims and evidence requirements
  • Consider processes which allow deep dives measuring the impact of your learning support strategy

Please join us on Wednesday 26th May, 11.00 to 12.00 pm.

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