As we all prepare to work differently, we need to think outside of the box on ways to help continued teaching and learning.

Firstly, we can assure our users that all our software packages that your college has published externally will be accessible remotely, often through your staff portal, just as they would usually be.

Secondly, we have been thinking of some ways you could use eTrackr-ILP to help staff if working from home and for managing student progress remotely.

Action Plans
Use Action Plans to set students’ targets. You can add resources by either attaching files or including hyperlinks to online resources. Learners can then go on and add notes to say when they have done it. This would then provide a useful summary of what they learnt so that teachers can check that learning has taken place
Learners can also set their own targets and attach notes and documents to show that they have achieved it.

You can set up a mark book to track completion of the tasks and activities you have set. You can then use the hand out, hand in and assessment dates to show learners what they should be completing by when. If you use the assignment tool, you can then provide feedback on activities to learners which they could see themselves.

Attaching Resources
You can attach documents to courses which learners can then access and download.

You can create activities using the EEP tools. Your learners can then evaluate what they have learnt and what the impact was.

Career Plan
It’s a good time to get learners to look at their career plan and to update it. Make sure they have a comprehensive CV ready for whatever their future plans might be.

Did you know you can group email to courses and groups or to individuals via eTrackr-ILP? Learners can also email you if they have questions or queries.

Our in-built SMS system makes it easy for staff to use SMS to message individuals or groups of learners


We understand that this is never going to feel like ‘business as usual’ but, by using the technology and software you are already familiar with, some elements might not feel quite so different.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any support questions.


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