VLE Support Ltd are delighted to confirm that we have been recognised as a trusted supplier by Collab Group. We hope this new relationship will not only add value for Collab Group members but provide an opportunity for us to further refine the capability of our products in line with the needs of our clients.

The Collab Group is a national membership body of FE colleges and college groups. Members come from across the UK and include some of the larger colleges in the country, including LSEC and NCG. There are two main pillars to the Group’s work: policy influencing and commercial activities. Their mission to work with civic and business communities to influence and lead the future of development very much aligns to VLE Support’s own objectives.

Being a Collab Group supply chain partner places us alongside other respected organisations in the fields of recruitment, education technology, assessment, awarding and more. We look forward to building relationships both with the Group and even more of the individual members.

To explore the work of the Collab Group and other preferred suppliers, please visit: https://www.collabgroup.co.uk/partners