Job Title: Software Developer

Career History : I moved to England in 2011 as a Master’s degree student. I started my career as a PHP Developer in 2012 where I developed websites for online poker games. I started my role as a fullstack C# Developer in  2015 at Giant Group where I worked on the products for managing worker’s timesheets and payslips. Then in 2020 I joined Atomwide, where I worked with Manuel on the software for schools. I have recently joined VLE Support.

Interests : I love travelling, particularly city breaks. I’ve visited lots of European cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice, but my favourite was Barcelona. Last year I went to USA and Canada, the highlights including New York, Chicago, Whistler in Vancouver, and Toronto. I can’t wait to go back to Chicago and New York again in the future.

Food / drink: I enjoy cooking curries, and also love making momos, which are a type of steamed filled dumpling popular in Nepal.