Name: Jacqueline Wheeler

Job Title: Customer Service and training officer, specialising in eSignUp

Career history: I have worked in FE colleges since 1999, starting out working in faculty offices undertaking many different roles before moving on to lecture maths and English to apprentices.

Interests: I love history and architecture

Fears: The colour red!

Favourite animal: I love all animals, they all have personalities, hence I am a vegetarian.

Someone you would like to meet: Giovanni Belzoni, archaeologist, born to a barber standing at 6 ft 7 inches in the 18 century, he firstly wanted to be a monk but then became a circus strong man before finally becoming one of the greatest archaeologists of all time.   Alternatively, I wouldn’t say no to Tom Cruise!

Recent great read: I love all the Nero Wolfe books and I am currently working my way through all the Perry Mason books. Oh, and I cannot resist a plug for my son’s books – M K Adams, The Rising Saga, Child of Destiny, Betrayal of Destiny and War of Destiny (available in Amazon and kindle ) All excellent, of course 🙂