VLE Support Ltd has joined the Everything ICT Framework – the cost-effective, compliant and convenient ICT Procurement Framework for the Public Sector

We’re now an approved supplier on the Everything ICT Framework, an ICT procurement framework specialising in the education sector and DfE recommended. Providing ICT products, solutions and services, representing more than 6,000 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Multi-Academy Trusts. As well as supporting any government department or Non-Departmental Public Body; NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, MoD, Hospitals and Charities, with their ICT procurement needs. Using Everything ICT you can procure software with us. Email info@everythingict.org for more information.

The framework gives you the opportunity to direct award to us, avoiding lengthy tendering processes but ensuring you’re meeting UK procurement regulations. Alternatively, you can run a mini competition with us and other suppliers, offering you a route to make rapid price comparisons between suppliers, providing you with the necessary assurances you may need on compliance and value for money.

All suppliers, including us, go through a thorough evaluation process, meaning all suppliers are pre-evaluated on areas such as value for money, innovation, customer service, insurance cover, compliance with all relevant legislations (including GDPR) and case studies/ reference checks. We’re therefore delighted to partner with Everything ICT and demonstrate our position as a supplier to the public sector.

If you would like some more information or would like to speak with Everything ICT directly about a potential procurement opportunity, please contact info@everythingict.org.