We love this time of year as we feel the buzz and good vibes coming from our colleges and training providers.  A very happy welcome to Buxton and Leek College, Derby University, Chesterfield College, Grantham College and Oasis Training to our growing eSignUp family, we look forward to working with you all.

But it’s always useful to find out from those that have been using eSignUp for a while.  Here’s what Hope and Nina had to say about the process efficiencies and audit experiences with eSignUp embedded at their college:

“Our auditors spoke very highly of eSignUp and we’ve had 3 audits on this system for apprenticeships.  We went through an internal audit, an external audit and then another internal audit and I was smiling all the way through because I was confident this system gave us everything we needed.  All the training agreements were there, the health and safeties, all the onboarding documentation signed, all date locked, all time locked, it was amazing!” Nina Sian, Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships, London South East Colleges

eSignUp has paved the way to a simplified and time efficient process for both North Kent College and our employers to recruit and onboard our new apprentices. The training and support given by the eSignUp team has been first class and I would highly recommend the use of the eSignUp platform to any Apprenticeship Training Provider.” Hope West, Head of Apprenticeships, North Kent College.

For anyone who had a demonstration last academic year, the changes to eSignUp are massive as we adapted to the new funding guidance and made improvements based on valuable feedback from our early adopters such as Nina and Hope.  Some of the highlights are:

  •  New calculations for the percentage of prior learning, calculated programme duration and negotiated rate.
  • Customised employer documents for signing including apprenticeship service agreements.
  • Full support and processes to handle change in circumstances, such as new employers and breaks in learning.
  • Record DAS cohort reference numbers to ensure employer funding is in place before training start.
  • Record and agree the employer documented discussion as outlined in the funding rules.
  • Export reports in CSV format for easy access to data.

So, if you too would like to smile through an audit (rather than groan!) and experience time efficient processes in apprenticeship signup, please get in touch to discuss how eSignUp could work in your organisation: Email info@vlesupport.co.uk Phone 01689 452432.

Carol Smith, eSignUp Product Manager