As the Dfe launched the “My Apprenticeship Service” on 9th September, we investigate how eSignUp complements this and where the two systems could benefit from coming together.

For those already using eSignUp, you will know that it contains a wealth of features to speed up the recruitment of apprentices and produce the training programme uniquely for the learner.

Through the signup process, it gathers and generates records for electronic signatory for the commitment statements, training plan, 20% off the job training and full training plan amongst other onboarding documents generated.

One of it’s most notable features is that it collects all signatories quickly and efficiently by emailing all the documentation electronically to employers and apprentices through the eSignUp application.  Completed, signed documentation is held securely in eSignUp and available for any short notice audit.

Some of our users have highlighted that apprentices may then be confused to receive further electronic communication from the digital service asking them to create an account and complete further information related to their training.  We are looking at ways for the two systems to complement each other rather than add to an increasing workload for staff, apprentices and employers.

From the 9th September, employers or training providers using provider permissions, must add a unique email address when adding an apprentice record to the apprenticeship service, which will be post onboarding in eSignUp. This can be the apprentice’s personal, college or work email address, but not a group email address.

Once the email address is added to the apprentice record, the apprentice will receive an email invitation to create a ‘My apprenticeship’ account. This will be from and will look like the image below.

What is a ‘My apprenticeship’ account?

‘My apprenticeship’ accounts are a new service to support the onboarding process for apprentices.  An account will allow apprentices to:

  • confirm their apprenticeship details are correct as the apprenticeship starts
  • access guidance on what is expected of them, their training provider and their employer
  • access additional support
  • access and review their apprenticeship details throughout the apprenticeship

It will not impact the apprentice’s start date or apprenticeship funding if the apprentice does not create an account or confirm their apprenticeship details.  However, the DfE asks that employers and their training providers should encourage their apprentices to complete these tasks to ensure a quality apprenticeship experience.


We are seeking your views

For those of you who have already supported an apprentice to open a “My apprenticeship account” to help us plan development for the future, we would like to know:

  1. If an API to populate some of the details already collated in eSignUp into the “My apprenticeship account” would help the apprentice and the process?
  2. If the two systems, directly one after the other are confusing to the apprentice and it would be helpful for eSignUp (as the first system the apprentice comes into contact with) to change some of it’s terminology to help the apprentice understand how the two systems fit together.
  3. If, in fact no changes are required as the process flow smoothly from one to the other.

If you have any views, please contact

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