Meet the Team: Moragh Pitt

Moragh is part of VLE’s Customer Support team, alongside Danny.  She loves the variety that her role brings, and she enjoys raising her voice – just for fun, of course.

I joined VLE in 2013 as, I think, the seventh member of staff!  I work together with Danny – who’s great on curriculum-type questions. Our products were becoming increasingly popular so VLE wanted to be able to offer more Customer Support.

I’d say there are two key aspects to my role, both important of course.  Firstly, I help look after our customers, so any calls or emails with problems or queries.  I usually deal with data-type queries, as that’s my strength, although I am learning lots about the curriculum side too!  I like to think I’ve got to know most of our customer fairly well over the years and have good relationships with them.  If someone has a problem, they know they can give me a ring and we’ll do everything we can to solve it for them.

Then there is the testing side.  Our development team are always updating software to make sure it’s responding to what our customers need it to do.  We will do a lot of testing on updates before it’s released and then I will work with customers to arrange to do those updates with them.  I also look after new installations for our eTrackr-ILP software too.

I love the variety in my job!  No two days are the same, and I love the contact with our customers and my colleagues.  Although I started working at VLE HQ, I moved to Scotland in 2017 so now work remotely.  I love working alone so I’m able to get on with things, but at the same time be in touch with the whole team through the wonders of technology.  (Technology is so reliable now that I think I’ve only lost one day since I moved here, due to a fault with the telephone line!).

When I first started my career, I worked as a secretary, which got me in to word processing, which in turn lead me into computing and software.  I worked for an international bank doing computer installations and software development, then moved to a telecoms company, where I was working with technical managers across Europe and got to know MS Exchange. After a career break, fate brought me into the world of education when I applied for a job in IT at a local secondary school.  Our Software Development Project Manager, Kevin, was IT Director there at the time and he hired me.  I actually moved to VLE support after a few years, but Kevin and I kept in touch and eventually he joined the VLE team as well!

I am really proud of what we do at here, particularly the service that we offer.  Even if a customer rings with a problem that isn’t due to our software, I’ll always investigate to see if there is anything we can do to help.  And I love it when our customers appreciate that.

If ever there is a problem I can’t solve, I’ll take it out on my vocal cords!  I belonged to Rock Choir when I lived in Kent and have sung at Wembley, the O2 and Abbey Road studios.  There isn’t a Rock Choir near me here in Scotland so I found a local Ladies’ Barbers shop group.  We competed at Harrogate last October for the first time and won the Novice trophy.  It’s a great way to let clear the mind ready for the next challenge!