Back in March, we spotted that some eNotify customers were being quick off the mark in customising the software to cope with COVID-19 related absences.  Seven months on, it’s great to see just how many have adopted this approach.

eNotify is our web-based system which collates all of your student absence data into one convenient dashboard.  With the challenges of managing coronavirus in large establishments, it has really come into its own.

First, we have noticed that a number of colleges have added additional absence categories to reflect the difference between those actually ill and those having to isolate.  For example, one college has opted for “Covid19 -me” and “Covid19-other” categories, whilst another has gone simply for the alternatives of “Covid19 Positive Test” and “Covid19 Self Isolating”.

In terms of managing these absences, some colleges have also added additional ‘follow up’ categories that staff can use to mark how the absence was treated.  This can be used to reflect situations where a positive test may well result in different actions in college than when a learner is being required to self-isolate as a precaution.

Because eNotify is web-based, any changes, like new categories, will be available for use immediately. This includes the ability to run reports to provide statistics and data, easily assisting any college to keep track of ‘normal’ and coronavirus-related absences separately if required.

If you want to add a COVID-19 category to eNotify, it can be done easily, following these simple steps:
Log in to eNotify as usual and click on the ‘Admin’ tab.
Under ‘Notification types’, click the ‘add new’ button at the bottom.
You can then customise this however you wish, eg. ‘COVID-19 related’ or ‘Coronavirus related’.
When no longer required, categories can simply be turned off in the same way.

We have always said that eNotify is easy to use, customisable software so we are delighted that – in times of crisis – it has proved to be so.  To find out more, please visit: