Prior qualifications


In the Student View, you will see a grid showing the student’s prior qualifications – qualifications achieved before enrolling on their current courses.

Essentially, this data is used by eTrackrILP to calculate the appropriate target grades for the courses the student is currently taking, and also to monitor the progress made during the time at college (the ‘value added’ by the college).

An example is shown below, with an explanation of terms:


Qual No. – This shows the QAN number (Qualification Accreditation Number).

Qualification Title – The full title of the qualification studied is shown.

Result – This may show various letters, numbers or text, depending on the qualification. In the example above MMM, refers to three ‘Merits’ having been achieved.

Year – the date the qualification was completed is shown

Awarding Org – This is the name of the exam board who awarded the qualification

Source – This refers to where the information for this qualification has come from. It may read UI (User Interface) or MIS (Management Information System).

APS 0 to APS 3 – a tick in this column denotes that this qualification is used to calculate the Average Point Score (APS) for this student. There are various different ways to calculate the Average Point Score, hence the different APS numbers. Ask your college for further information if you are interested.

Essentially, all the different APS measures are used as a benchmark for how the student has achieved in the past, so that the college can calculate the Value Added while enrolled on the college courses.  The government’s Department for Education determine which qualifications count towards the different Average Point Scores. The Average Point Score is also used to calculate the Initial Target Grades (ITGs) for the courses currently studied.

Size – This refers to the weighting of the qualification. For example a short course GCSE may score 0.5, while a full GCSE may score 1.

Grade Point – this refers to the number of points achieved by the qualification, which feed into the calculation of the Average Point Score (APS).

The Average Point Score is then calculated at the bottom right hand corner of the grid. The calculation will only be made if there are at least three qualifications that are eligible to count towards the Average Point Score.