eLights1eLights provides a colour-coded graphic based on a traffic light system. A red, amber or green light indicates stages of ‘risk’ based on a range of factors including attendance, work rate and causes for concern.

If a green light shows, it may also contain a letter – G for good, E for excellent and O for outstanding.

There are many factors that contribute to why a traffic light may display a certain colour. You can find out further information by hovering your mouse over the traffic light. A text box will now appear, explaining which factors contribute to the colour that is shown.














eLights are displayed as a full traffic light graphic at the top of the page and as a single coloured light by each course:

current perf


If the mouse is hovered over any light a pop up will appear with details of the thresholds which have contributed to it:

lights info






It is important to understand that eLights is a warning system and should not be solely regarded as punishment or reward. Early indication of risk invites a more detailed examination to find out why the student is considered at risk.