Current performance


This section contains information about your son / daughter’s current progress and achievement. You will see a list of all the courses the student is are enrolled on and the units they contain. Scroll down the screen to see all the courses.

Firstly, a circular ‘traffic light’ symbol is shown next to the course name. In the below example, the student is progressing well, as the light is green. If you hover over the green circle with your mouse pointer, then further information will display, explaining why the light is green.

For each Unit there are a set of horizontal bars. The lower bar, which will turn red, shows the work or assignments that have been set. The upper bar, which will turn blue, shows the work that has been achieved. All students have to do is work to make the blue bar reach the red bar, as in the example below:


To the right of the bars, the % progress (Perf) and the current actual grade (Act Grade) is shown (NB: This only calculated on the work that has been completed so far. If it says P (for pass) it does not necessarily mean the student has completed the course).

UTG is the unit target grade set by the teacher for your son / daughter. This then translates to the Target Points for this unit. In the example above, for the unit ‘Business Resources’, the UTG is P for ‘Pass’. This carries 70 points is a Pass grade is achieved. Whereas in ‘Managing a Business Event’, the UTG is ‘M’ for ‘Merit’ and is worth 80 points.

As the blue bar is completed, this means that the student has achieved all the criteria to achieve the UTG for this unit. In fact, in the above example, a yellow star symbol is also shown. This shows that the student has exceeded the UTG.

Given this student has exceeded expectations, it is possible that the teacher will decide to set a more ambitious UTG, for example D for distinction. Therefore, the blue bar will then move back (to the left), and the student will again have the task of moving the blue bar all the way to the right, by achieving all the criteria for a Distinction.

However, it is most likely that when you log in, there will be some criteria that are currently incomplete (in the early stages of the course, you would expect most criteria to be incomplete). See the example below. If you hover your mouse over the text ‘Incomplete: D2’, then a text box will appear, showing what work still needs to be completed:

current perf hovering over incomplete

Therefore, the ePortal system allows you to easily monitor your son / daughter’s progress, and to know what they should be working on next.

You may also see the button ‘Assessment Dates’ below a unit. If you click this button, further information will appear, showing Handout, Deadline and Assessment Dates for each criterion associated with the course:


  • Handout is the date the assignment will be handed out to students
  • Deadline is the date the assignment must be completed and handed in
  • Assessment Date is the date by which the assignments will be marked. On this date the progress bars in eTrackrILP will update to reflect the new submission of work.

With this information, you can keep a close eye on when your son / daughter needs to complete their college assignments!

You may also see a button named ‘Resources’. If you click on this button, you may be able to download resources associated with the assignment.