Attendance grid


Within the Student View, you will see some information about your son / daughter’s recent attendance:


  • Attendance refers to the percentage of lessons the student actually attended and includes times they were late.
  • Put simply, Authorised Attendance, = attendance + authorised absence. An example of an authorised absence would be missing a lesson to attend an interview. Therefore the authorised attendance may be greater than the actual attendance.
  • Lateness refers to the number of times the student attended a lesson, but was late.
  • Punctuality refers to the number of times the student was on time to a lesson as a percentage of the total number of lessons that the student attended.

The column on the right-hand side contains the total average percentages for these categories since the beginning of the academic year.

The squares in the grid are colour-coded, to show how they impact upon the overall traffic lights rating. In the above example, green and amber lights are achieved.

You are encouraged to keep a close eye on this information to ensure your son / daughter attends college punctually as much as possible!