Overall performance – Progression Audits


eTrackrILP provides two ways in which the overall performance of students can be registered. These are the Progression Audit and the Subject Review. These two processes are independent but can be combined to form a summary statement of student progress and provide a clear indication of risk.

Progression Audit

A Progression Audit is a clear statement that a student is expected to achieve a predicted result or is at risk. The Subject Review provides the evidence for the Progression Audit.

The below panel shows an example of a progression audit:

Progression audit






  • Date – the date the audit was carried out.
  • Status – L (live) or W (withdrawn).
  • Rating – Red, Amber or Green blocks indicate levels of risk.
  • Predicted Result – This is the predicted achievement. Note that some courses have different levels of achievement such as Pass, Merit and Distinction.
  • Comment – Notes giving a brief explanation of the audit.