Early in May 2016, VLE Support, the makers of eTrackr-ILP, eConsole and eNotify, completed their purchase of Midas Systems. If it had been a wedding, tradition says we’d be hoping for gifts made of leather, to symbolise both durability and flexibility.  And we think the comparison is very appropriate.

Midas Systems, the makers of SpirALS and eSpirALS software, was founded in 1994 and quickly became the leading supplier of Learning Support (ALS) data management systems in the UK Further Education market.  VLE Support was founded just a few years later, also focused on creating excellent software for a range of FE applications.  With similar backgrounds and values, it was perhaps inevitable that the two companies would be such a good fit for each other.

“It was great to be bought out by a similar company,” said Director of Operations, Holly Newton.

“Although the team has changed over the past few years, we have kept the FE and learning support expertise we have always been known for.  We hope that the integration between all our products continues to raise the profile of ALS throughout all colleges.”

Mark Trinick, CEO of VLE Support, agrees.

“I am delighted that we have retained the best of Midas Systems expertise, in terms of staff and technology,” he said.  “We have been able to reinvigorate Midas Systems and continue to develop eSpirALS to include some amazing new features.  Sales have gone from strength to strength every year ever since.”

The relationship has proved both durable and flexible when it needed to be.

A marriage made in heaven? We think perhaps it was made in The Cloud!