We’ve loved the recent blog from @AoC_Create, top tips for networking (link at the bottom of this page if you haven’t seen it yet). We know that their Annual Conference is always a great opportunity for us to network with clients, existing and new.  So, in order to help everyone who wants to get the most out of the #AoCConf as the fabulous networking opportunity it is, we’re going to make our stand a LinkedIn networking hub!

“Great!” we hear you cry, “but how does that work?!”

It’s easy – and uses some technology already built into the LinkedIn app’ so is zero hassle to set up and use.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile and haven’t downloaded the LinkedIn mobile app, you will need to do that first, of course.

When you’re at the Conference, you will need to enable Bluetooth on your phone or mobile device. Once you have, open the app’ then click on the ‘My Network’ icon at the bottom of your screen.  In there, you will then see a ‘Find nearby’ option at the top of the screen.  (Both icons are circled on the screenshot attached to this piece).  You will then need to enable the Nearby function and you’ll be good to go: other LinkedIn users within about 10 metres of you will be able to see you, and vice versa!

We reckon the morning coffee breaks will be the busiest times for networking on both days so do head for us at eTrackr-ILP on Stand 62 at those times.

Why not publicise to your contacts in advance what time you’ll be heading to our stand and arrange to meet people there?  After all, how many of us have LinkedIn contacts who we have never actually met – this is your opportunity to change that!

The AoC piece ’10 top tips for networking at professional events’ can be read here: